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Good Companies @ Work Program

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Over the past few years, we have documented many firms that attribute their success to their people. These companies outperformed their peers while providing quality jobs and pathways to the middle-class for workers. They demonstrated that creating innovations in products and services, meeting customer demands and beating their competition required investment in their most important asset, their employees. The results included strong bottom line returns for workers, shareholders, and communities. These positive results reinforced our belief that companies can do well by doing good.

We call these companies Pioneer Employers. They are profiled in nearly 100 case studies and highlighted in a thorough analysis of their strategies. We will continue to share these good practices with employers in order to inspire more business leaders to implement practice change.

Impressed by the efforts of so many good companies, we renamed our Business and Work program the Good Companies @ Work program. Over the next three years, Good Companies @ Work will operate as a catalyst for firms to create and sustain quality jobs by drawing attention to innovative business approaches.

We are eager to spread these ideas throughout the business community and deepen our impact in two critical sectors of the U.S. economy: healthcare and manufacturing.

21st Century Healthcare – Re-imagining the Patient Care Team

The Hitachi Foundation has uncovered many examples of healthcare centers that had a head-start in addressing challenges in patient care and skyrocketing costs. Through a combination of vision and rethinking whole systems, these pioneer healthcare employers vastly improved patient outcomes and reduced overall costs. Central to their success was an expanded role for frontline healthcare workers, including medical assistants, community health workers, and home health aides.

By working with influential partners in the healthcare field, we will continue to showcase health providers that have adopted effective strategies to improve patient outcomes, increase productivity, and advance the careers of lower-wage workers. Our strategic goal – expand the number of providers making changes that address the complexities of the new healthcare landscape.

21st Century Advanced Manufacturing - Advancing People

The U.S. manufacturing economy is back, but what about the jobs? Good Companies @ Work has uncovered manufacturers that deliver impressive returns, boost productivity, and support product and service innovations from employment practices to operations. While technology is changing the nature of work and redefining the skills mix, these manufacturers recognize that their long-term success hinges on their people. Our goal is to spread these proven approaches to more business leaders in the manufacturing sector, particularly in metal-forming, auto supply chain, and food processing. 

We maximize our ability to discover new strategies and disseminate what we learn through the power of partnership, working with others eager to join us in this process. Partnerships enable us to learn more, in more places, and have a greater impact. It allows us to achieve a more focused alignment of the philanthropic community around the role of business in society. Two such partnerships are the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and the Jobs to Careers project.

We only award grants to organizations responding to an invitation by the Foundation to submit proposals. (See Guidelines for Grant Seekers).

Read more about our Current Initiatives or view our List of Grantees.


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