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Who We Are

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The Hitachi Foundation is an independent nonprofit philanthropic organization established by Hitachi, Ltd. in 1985. 


Our mission is to discover, demonstrate and expand business practices that both measurably improve economic opportunities for low-wealth individuals in the U.S. and enhance long-term business value. An independent Board of Directors composed of distinguished Americans governs the Foundation.

The initial vision for The Hitachi Foundation and the path taken by its founders were unconventional. Created by a Japanese corporation, governed by an independent board, and staffed by Americans, this Foundation was to be both independent of, and integral to, Hitachi. Its independence has allowed the Foundation to be innovative and even risk-taking in its philanthropic efforts, determined to learn about the societal impact and limits of corporate citizenship and corporate social responsibility.

The autonomy was also a statement about Hitachi's integrity and sincere desire to contribute to society in the U.S. Hitachi wanted a structure that would be shielded from the temptation of some corporations to use their foundations for purely public relations purposes, a foundation that is grounded in the company's views of business ethics, corporate governance, and corporate social responsibility.

At its core, the Foundation is committed to investments that enhance what we can learn about socially sustainable business practice and corporate citizenship.


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